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Wordly Wise Wednesday

Wordly Wise Wednesday – IDS / IPS

What is the difference between an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)? Both systems are security tools that are designed to identify network security threats. Both of the tools evaluate the network traffic and compare that against known signatures, patterns and other aspects to determine if the traffic may be a malicious attacker worming their way into your ne...
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Wordly Wise Wednesday (WWW) – Cryptography (Encryption and Cryptology Too)

Todays Word(s): Cryptography, Encryption and Cryptology These three words are commonly used together and interchangeably, but there are differences; [caption id="attachment_159" align="alignright" width="300"] An Encrypted file may look like this.[/caption] Two of the words come from the same source, the ancient Greek language (Koine). Crypto or Kryptos is the Greek word for "hidden" o...
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Wordly Wise Wednesday (WWW) – Common Control

Today's word: Common Control A Common Control is a security control that applies across multiple systems. Common Controls are most frequently used in compartmentalized security environments. Compartmentalized security environments are those where there is a need to control one segment of servers or systems differently than another. Compartmentalized environments are frequently used in gov...
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Wordly Wise Wednesday (WWW) – CPTED

When I was in high school our English teacher used to make use do ten (10) words and there definitions on a sheet of paper. I can't remember if it was once a week or twice, but I know I hated it. I am not sure why, it was an easy assignment. She said that it would expand our vocabulary and make us into wise people. Nevertheless, advance that date by ten to fifteen years, I have been through my ...
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