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Staying Up to Speed on Your Top Security Priorities with CISO Mark Houpt

In mid to late March of 2020 I sat down for an interview/discussion with Tim Erlin, Tripwire’s VP of Product Management and Strategy, to discuss everything security. We spoke of COVID, audits, continuous monitoring, and privacy. List in here or see an edited transcript. The following is an edited excerpt from a recent episode of Tripwire’s Cybersecurity Podcast. Mark Houpt has to stay on t...
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Industry Spotlight: DataBank’s Mark Houpt Talks Privacy, Security

The first three and now four months of this year have been full of incredible opportunities. This sit-down interview that was conducted in February sums up many of them. I had an opportunity to speak and meet with key leaders on Privacy that are drafting said legislation (Sen Moran's team from KS). And since then the cloud industry has been a focal point of keeping what we have left of our econom...
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GDPR – What has changed in a Year?

One of the things about my role as CISO is that I get media inquiries and asked to make comment and statements. The anniversary of the implementation of GDPR is now - in May. As a result, many media agencies are inquiring about how the year has impacted us, and I have responded to their inquiries. Linked are a couple of my statements on the subject. Here is a summary:1. As a wholly owned and oper...
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