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Protect Yourself from a Facebook Hack

Can you really protect yourself from the dreaded, awkward, Facebook moments when you have to tell all of your friends to not accept friend requests from you because you have been H – A – C – K – E – D! I think you can, and I have been successful in helping family and friend alike stop repeated attacks. Here is how I did it, feel free to copy the tactics.   Login to Facebook Select ...
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Common Sense Security now Live on Facebook!

Come over to Common Sense Security on Facebook and "like" us. Share us with your friends too! We intend to use Facebook as a place for posting of links to news items not written by CSS as well as posting of all of our blog posts. It is a good place to keep in touch with what we are seeing, thinking and maybe even doing. You can click the direct link above or go to this URL: https://www.faceb...
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