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Is There a Difference Between Data in Transit and Data in Motion?

Frequently customers have questions about when to encrypt data and in particular the difference between encrypting data in transit and in motion. It is a tough topic for security and IT because there is not a clear definition of data in motion. In fact, if you look up the definition on Google, you will find that in transit and in  motion are about the same. This blog post is designed to be an i...
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Does HIPAA Require Encryption?

One of the most common questions I have fielded in the past two years is, does HIPAA require encryption? The good news is that the answer is simple, yes, encryption is an addressable item under HIPAA. However, that is not the end of the story nor are the answer(s) to surrounding questions as simple as the yes or no. Let’s explore what we have to consider. Data Primer: Before you can even ask...
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Wordly Wise Wednesday (WWW) – Cryptography (Encryption and Cryptology Too)

Todays Word(s): Cryptography, Encryption and Cryptology These three words are commonly used together and interchangeably, but there are differences; [caption id="attachment_159" align="alignright" width="300"] An Encrypted file may look like this.[/caption] Two of the words come from the same source, the ancient Greek language (Koine). Crypto or Kryptos is the Greek word for "hidden" o...
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