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CISO Corner Episode 1

Join me and a few great friends on a new adventure in conjunction with my current employer, DataBank. We have started our own podcast where we discuss the big things that happen in Security. The best part of this effort is I am not the focus and I am not alone. My friends Tyler Treat, Calli Schlientz, and Dane Dittemore are just as much a part of this project. It is new, it is raw. We are figurin...
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Interview with CISO Magazine

It seems that the interview requests have been coming fast and furious the past few weeks or so. Earlier this week I offered up a podcast recording that I conducted in September. Now, CISO Magazine,  a product of the EC Council (those folks that bring you the CEH, CHFI and similar certifications) has also requested and published an interview with me. Here is the link. Please enjoy another oppor...
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Their, There, They’re and ‘CESO’

How many of you have been at a security conference, training session or another event and you hear the word/acronym "CESO" flowing out of the mouths of well-seasoned security professionals and moderators? Can someone please tell me what in the world is a "CESO"? After all, as a CISO I may want this additional title (or is it a certification?) on my resume. Let's explore some title confusion and fi...
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Heads will Roll… Really? And Should They?

In an article dated February 29th,  2016 CYBERCOM Chief Mike Rogers "...warned that more corporate heads will roll as companies continue to overlook security holes."  (Link) The article goes on to describe how Adm. Rogers "grew up in a culture of personal responsibility for failure. When a ship experiences "an issue,” the “commanding officer has ultimate accountability,” he said. “It doesn't matte...
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