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I Love Data Centers – the Podcast

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Back in August, I was asked to be interviewed by Sean Patrick Tario as part of a podcast called I Love Data Centers. As many of you know, my full-time role is as CISO with DataBank, Ltd, a leading provider of data center and managed services. I had never heard of this podcast so as a good security professional I wanted to check it out first. I listened to an episode or two and quickly became enchanted with the whole thing. Sean has developed a passion for data centers, how they operate and the intricacies of their function. The one piece he was apparently missing is information about security in these facilities, and thus the request for my interview. I am happy to oblige.

I had listened to Sean’s other guests so I knew what was coming for new guests, a lot about me and how I got into my position. If you are trying to figure out how someone gets into this position I am in, this is the perfect podcast for you to listen to. In this almost two hour podcast, we talk about the degree and certifications I have attained, how to retain them, what my career path has been (all the way from middle school!), and how the military has helped that path. We then talk about compliance regulations, the differences in securing a colocation vs managed services environment and even what organizations such as Infragard to join to maintain certifications and contacts.

I can’t say enough how enjoyable this was to sit and be interviewed by Sean. I look forward to additional conversations and collaborations. Doing this has made me think about doing a security specific podcast. Who knows what is coming to Common Sense Security in the future.

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