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CISO Talk with James Azar at CyberHub Engage

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James Azar at CyberHub Engage is one of my favorite people. I really mean that! He is a great podcast host and security practitioner. Even better, he is an outstanding human being as well. Off “mic” I love talking to this guy about life and our views, and especially learning from him about the culture he lives in. If you are not a subscriber to one of if not the fastest-growing, certainly most real and relevant podcasts in the security industry, now is your opportunity! Click Here for more info.

Join us as for the fourth time in a year we sit down to talk security. This time we are talking about how COVID-19 is going to or is changing us. This was recorded in late March of 2020. It will be interesting to listen to this again in 6 and 12 months to see how many of the predictions come true and where we are at that point.

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