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The Not so Secret CISO

In my role as CISO at DataBank, a leading provider of data center and managed services, I have to be out front and assisting the sales and marketing teams with letting people know who DataBank is. It is a position that most CISO's run from mostly because it is public speaking and engagement. But I embrace it. It helps our business and frankly helps my own brand (but that is truly not why I do it)...
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Hack the Clock

“Hack the clock,” my friend told me, “Just hack the clock.” Most people probably don’t understand what this means but my friend new I did. And he knew it would have a profound impact on our ability to succeed together and what I did next in the crisis-situation we were in. It was and is wise advice. I think it can help you too. Hack the clock is a term used in the aviation industry when an in...
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GDPR – What has changed in a Year?

One of the things about my role as CISO is that I get media inquiries and asked to make comment and statements. The anniversary of the implementation of GDPR is now - in May. As a result, many media agencies are inquiring about how the year has impacted us, and I have responded to their inquiries. Linked are a couple of my statements on the subject. Here is a summary:1. As a wholly owned and oper...
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Interview with CISO Magazine

It seems that the interview requests have been coming fast and furious the past few weeks or so. Earlier this week I offered up a podcast recording that I conducted in September. Now, CISO Magazine,  a product of the EC Council (those folks that bring you the CEH, CHFI and similar certifications) has also requested and published an interview with me. Here is the link. Please enjoy another oppor...
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I Love Data Centers – the Podcast

Back in August, I was asked to be interviewed by Sean Patrick Tario as part of a podcast called I Love Data Centers. As many of you know, my full-time role is as CISO with DataBank, Ltd, a leading provider of data center and managed services. I had never heard of this podcast so as a good security professional I wanted to check it out first. I listened to an episode or two and quickly became encha...
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