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CSO Insights – Looking Beyond Securing Infrastructures in the New Normal

It was my pleasure to work with Trend Micro to put together this article. Trend Micro, Norm Barrientez, Debbie Ng, Joahnna Marie Hipolito, Myla Pilao and Christine Gapuz team are top-notch people that I highly recommend.It has been several months since the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a massive shift in how enterprises conduct businesses worldwide. The new reality that Covid-19 has painted for en...
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COVID-19 Does Impact Security

One of the biggest topics I have been asked to speak on in Webinars, Podcasts and other similar events has been the impact of COVID-19 on security. When asked, most CISO's will launch into impacts upon technology, technology resources, and figuring out how to secure the endpoint that now sits in an employee's home. All of these are legitimate topics. You can read some of my comments on that in th...
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Tech & Main Presents –

Today, Tech & Main Presents podcast has published an interview we conducted back in the winter of 2020. Shaun St. Hill is one of the premier podcasters in our industry. It was a pleasure to sit with him and talk about what DataBank does, 5g and how that impacts data centers, Ransomware, risk analysis, and cybersecurity awareness. Join us to get another does of CommonSense Security. Click ...
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CISO Talk with James Azar at CyberHub Engage

James Azar at CyberHub Engage is one of my favorite people. I really mean that! He is a great podcast host and security practitioner. Even better, he is an outstanding human being as well. Off "mic" I love talking to this guy about life and our views, and especially learning from him about the culture he lives in. If you are not a subscriber to one of if not the fastest-growing, certainly most r...
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