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Month: May 2019

Hack the Clock

“Hack the clock,” my friend told me, “Just hack the clock.” Most people probably don’t understand what this means but my friend new I did. And he knew it would have a profound impact on our ability to succeed together and what I did next in the crisis-situation we were in. It was and is wise advice. I think it can help you too. Hack the clock is a term used in the aviation industry when an in...
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GDPR – What has changed in a Year?

One of the things about my role as CISO is that I get media inquiries and asked to make comment and statements. The anniversary of the implementation of GDPR is now - in May. As a result, many media agencies are inquiring about how the year has impacted us, and I have responded to their inquiries. Linked are a couple of my statements on the subject. Here is a summary:1. As a wholly owned and oper...
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