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Culling the Fake Name Herd… Chinese Companies Comply with “Real Name” Requirements.

***Blog Post Update:*** Back on February 5th, 2015 a blog spot was posted about coming changes in China that require any registered Internet account used in China to use a real name when posting and or communicating. This scenario goes into a requirement status on March 1, 2015. It seems that the government is rather serious regarding the matter and companies are clamoring to comply. Some Ch...
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Common Sense Security now Live on Facebook!

Come over to Common Sense Security on Facebook and "like" us. Share us with your friends too! We intend to use Facebook as a place for posting of links to news items not written by CSS as well as posting of all of our blog posts. It is a good place to keep in touch with what we are seeing, thinking and maybe even doing. You can click the direct link above or go to this URL: https://www.faceb...
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Wordly Wise Wednesday (WWW) – Cryptography (Encryption and Cryptology Too)

Todays Word(s): Cryptography, Encryption and Cryptology These three words are commonly used together and interchangeably, but there are differences; [caption id="attachment_159" align="alignright" width="300"] An Encrypted file may look like this.[/caption] Two of the words come from the same source, the ancient Greek language (Koine). Crypto or Kryptos is the Greek word for "hidden" o...
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Ban them all! Security on your Website through .HTAccess (and cPanel) IP Denials.

If you have a blog or run a website, one of the things you may consider is who is your “permitted audience.” Wait, what? If you run a website you have to think about who is your permitted audience? I thought if you ran a website or blog everyone had access? Why would I want to block people from a website? You may not, let’s get that part out of the way first. You may be running a business or...
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Wordly Wise Wednesday (WWW) – Common Control

Today's word: Common Control A Common Control is a security control that applies across multiple systems. Common Controls are most frequently used in compartmentalized security environments. Compartmentalized security environments are those where there is a need to control one segment of servers or systems differently than another. Compartmentalized environments are frequently used in gov...
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