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Month: January 2015

DoS and DDoS… Is it a Security Issue?

In a recent conversation with a colleague, it was noted that a company had recently had a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against its website.  Though various support persons had been called in in the middle of the night to address this issue, the after action report indicated that a security engineer had not been called for over an hour, and only after the source had been identified. ...
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An Introduction

It is polite and proper to introduce oneself when first meeting... Hello, my name is Mark Houpt. I am the owner and operator of CommonSenseSecurity.net. I am not sure how you found this blog, maybe you were invited by me or have been one of the reasons I started this. Maybe you just stumbled across it. Regardless how you got here, I am glad you are here. About the Blog: The blog is for the c...
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